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Terms & Conditions

GBHS School

School TAEKWON-DO I.T.F. GE-BAEK HOSIN SOOL, z.s. is an incorporated club with the address in Láskova 1802, Prague 11, 148 00. The current contact information at the head of the school can be found at


A member of the school becomes a person who properly completes and sends the electronic application on the website Membership in the school is indefinite. Membership expires by death, exclusion by the school head or on the basis of a properly completed and sent cancellation.

Membership Fees

A member of the school has the obligation to pay membership fees, even if he / she does not actively use the school services (he/she doesn´t visit the trainings). Current variations of membership fees and their amount can be found at under the section "Membership Fees".


When paying membership fees properly, the member has the right to attend any number of trainings corresponding to paid membership fees (all trainings, all out-of-Prague trainings, ...).

Membership in the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association (CTA) – Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF, z.s.

Each member of the school is automatically enrolled in the CTA, and becomes a member of the CTA (without membership in this association, it would not be possible to award internationally recognized technical degrees, participate in competitions, etc.). All membership fees of the CTA are paid for the member by the GBHS School.

Photos and Videos

At school events, we take photos and videos to be placed on our websites and promotional materials. If you do not want to be on photos, talk directly to the photographer. If you find your photo on our website and do not want it to be placed there, please send email to us and we will remove it.

Processing of personal data

The member agrees that TAEKWON-DO I.T.F. GE-BAEK HOSIN SOOL, z.s. processes and registers personal data provided in connection with membership in this school (personal data are meant: name and surname, birth number, email, telephone, address) for the reasons of communication with a member, registration of membership fees, registration of technical grades. Because of the possible recognition of the achieved technical degrees when renewing membership, the data are retained even after membership termination. Personal data are provided to the Czech Taekwon-Do Association (Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF, z.s.) at the time of registration of the member (see the section of the CTA Membership).

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