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The main goal of school Ge-baek Hosin sool is to teach this martial art to everyone, who is interested in studying it in its unchanged form, in the same form as it was taught last century by general Choi Hong-hi.

We don’t want to bring up fighters or sportsmen, we try to lead every student mostly to moral principles and traditional value of martial art as a way of life.

More important than gold medals is for us to teach our students how to live according to Taekwon-do tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable spirit. In spite of that we have among our students some winners of Czech Republic championship or very successful members of Center for talented youth (founded program for talented kids). Our Center for talented youth is annually between the three best youth center in Czech Republic.

We consider ourselves the new generation of Czech Taekwon-do and we want do enable Taekwon-do to everyone in every town, who is interested in it. Now we train in more than 20 gyms in Czech Republic and we still train new and quality black belts, who wants to train and we are about to open some new groups.

The guarantee of our technical quality is our Korean grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, 9th dan, one of the world biggest authorities. We regularly train and educate ourselves with him. Grandmaster Hwang is also the only one who grants every technical degree in our school so he has a control over the quality of our students.

We offer you to train with our grandmaster, it is unique opportunity in Czech Republic. As I had the opportunity to learn from founder of taekwondo when he was alive, you also have the opportunity to learn from one of the best masters of the world. Don’t waste this opportunity. We teach our students using classic method when we learn by small parts, which we explain carefully and repeat as much as needed. When one part is learned properly, we learn another one, this way we can guarantee quick technical (and also moral) progress to diligent students.

Korean words hosin sool means “the art of self-defense” and this is the main goal of our training.

Taekwon-do techniques are easy and practical and really everyone can study it, it doesn’t depend on age, sex or physical condition. There are also kids from kindergartens or grownups, who have already celebrated their 50th birthday among our students. In our school there are also parents who train with their children and all Taekwon-do families aren’t exception as well.

Martin Zámečník (VIIth Degree)