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Sports Centre

Beztahov near Votice

Hall rental, sport events, accommodation

Hall rental

Our Taekwon-Do school has put up a brand new sports hall, which we are interested in renting to the public. The hall is located in Beztahov, right at the junction of the train station and the city. We don't want the hall to be used only for our school, which offers regular lessons of Korean martial arts Taekwon-Do and general sports training. The hall has complete facilities with dressing rooms, toilets, showers and storage areas. It is also equipped with basic equipment (goals, basketball hoops, net, balls). Since we are a martial arts gym, we also own tatami mats that can serve very well as an ideal floor for yoga, gymnastics, aerobics, etc. We gradually provide other equipment according to the interest of the users.

We are primarily interested in year-round renters (10 months of the year or more) and would be very happy to provide facilities to any sports club looking for rentals on multiple days of the week.

Hall rental price per hour: 800 - 1000 CZK (depending on the number of hours, half days and full days with discount).

For further information or to arrange a tour, please contact info@tkd.cz or the premises manager Mr. Adam Procházka at 775 602 506.


We prepare for you accommodation in 4 log cabins with 15 bunk beds per cabin. The cabins are equipped with toilets, showers, refrigerators and the necessary storage space. Ideal for sports camps or stays of parents with children etc... More info soon.

Further development

The whole area of the sports centre is being further improved, and in addition to the accommodation, technical facilities, swimming pool and trampoline already on display, in the coming year we will also offer a smaller football pitch, a multifunctional outdoor playground or a larger workout with elements for martial arts and parkour. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We are now asking the national sports agency to support this project. We sincerely hope that we will also be able to build an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym and other training facilities including a restaurant in the area in the coming years.


Beztahov near Votice, at the junction of the railway station and the town.

GPS: 49.6381419N, 14.6232017E



Adam Jiří Procházka


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