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Jobs for members

Brigades Beztahov (exceptionally Campanus)

Various jobs to glorify our centers, 800 CZK/day of work, teachers travel reimbursement, free accommodation and partly meals.


Production of projects for Startovač websites, loan of school equipment (cameras, camera, tripods, drone...), approval of school president required, 5000 CZK production fee on approval, 10% of the amount raised

Leaders at suburban camps

Anytime during the holidays at our centers in Campanus and Beztahov (also possible during the camp), complete organization of the suburban camp, remuneration 200 CZK per day and person (the price will be set at plus or minus 500 CZK, the school will cover all costs from the rest of the amount, the condition is the earning also for the school).

The administrator of the Beztahov centre

Ensuring the maintenance and operation of the Beztahov Centre, necessary accommodation on site (for the time being in a modified room in log cabin 3 or 4, later in an apartment in the building), free meals, accommodation, school fees, camping on site. Starting salary 20 000 CZK / month. Use of school Transit. Possibility of combining with other paid school activities.

Paid teacher

Benefits of a regular teacher, monthly remuneration according to the number of paying members (100 people remuneration 20 000 CZK...). In addition, remuneration according to other activities carried out for the school (currently e.g. 7000 administration, 5000 accounting, 5000 grants...).

School graphic designer

Creating graphics for flyers, brochures, equipment, social networks, web.... All you need is a handy enthusiast.

If interested, please communicate with the chairman of the school, Master Martin Zámečník.