WHEN, WHERE: 25-26 May Beztahov -, arrival from 18:00. Sleeping bag must be brought with you, or a pillow. Transportation can be arranged in advance. First training from 20:00 (so that it is possible to catch the whole event from Sonkal open). End of the event around 17:00.

FEE: 1200Kč. The price includes, food, drink, training, accommodation. Payment after 21.5.1500Kč. Please register only through the Events Schedule at www.tkd.cz and pay in advance to GBHS. The price includes accommodation (sleeping bag with you), meals, training sessions and possible training knife rental (however, we recommend bringing your own training knife with you - ideally a metal or other hard knife) .

WHO: This event is for all taekwondo practitioners interested in improving their tanto sparring and preparing for the dan exams, as well as those interested in FMA or knife defense in general. For regular members of FMA, it will be possible to take the first knife defense exam at the end of the event for free. The seminar is not open to children under 15 who do not have at least 1.kup.

CO: Master Martin Zamecnik will explain , how to hold a knife correctly, types of knives (classic, dagger, switchblade, balisong, karambit, Czech fang...) and what the danger of the knife is. In addition to the technical training, mental and tactical training will also be included. What advantages does taekwon-do provide in defending against a knife and what to avoid.

The best defense against a knife is not to be there!