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Recruitment of New Members

When can I come and where to?

You are welcome to turn up to any of our training session during the year, which you find in

Who may join?

Anybody can come. The training is suitable for all ages and abilities. Four to five years old children would be better to come and do their exercises together with their older sibling, parent or grandparent. If you have any medical condition, the training will be adjusted to your individual needs. The instructor will guide you through the training accordingly to your physical condition and age. At present there are students between 4 and 60 years of age undergoing training in our school.

Do I have to pay anything?

Absolutely NOT! The month in which you join is completely free of charge. This way we make it possible for the beginners to learn about TKD and our school. They will also get the chance to try this unique Korean martial art.
For more information on payment see membership fees.

The First Training

What will be the training activities for beginners?

We will not require you to do anything that you are not physically able to do. We teach the TDK technique step-by-step. Only this way the speedy progress of students is guarranteed. During your first training we will certainly not require you to break bricks or fight. You will be practising basic techniques, stretching, basics of self-defense, as well as simple conditional training. Our aim is to teach you all aspects of the martial art. You may adjust the degree of difficulty by choosing the number of training sessions. We recommend you to start training regularly once a week and at least partially taking part in the closest forthcoming camp.

What should I bring with me for the training?

We recommend you to try training straight away during the first hour. This is the best way to get to know what TKD really means. You may also take part in the training passively by attending as a spectator. When you first begin, just bring with you comfortable trackpants and t-shirt to wear during the training. We usually train barefoot but you may wear light sports shoes if you have any medical condition.

Is the training safe for my health?

On the injury risk assessment scale the martial arts are far behind the popular sports such as ice hockey, football or volleyball. The TKD exercises are highly beneficial not only to your physical but also psychological health. It has very positive influence on your body posture, strengthening and stretching. TKD exercises are also excellently relaxing.


Why exactly YOUR school?

There are many reasons. We are the largest and most developed school of its kind in the Czech Republic. The school management has been professionally engaging in TKD for several years and now we have the biggest and most varied offer of training programmes (all of them for one unrivalled price), camps, tests etc. Individual approach to every student is a commonplace in our school. We provide training sessions the whole year through – it means we run them also during summer holidays. We are also able to make an arrangement with a Korean master to guide your training from the very beginning.

There is not YOUR school in my area and I really wish to train.

Please, contact us. It is possible that near the place you live there is another school which we can recommend you. In other case you may be able to organise a new group in your area or at least take part in camps or individual lessons.

I already did TKD ITF training in the past

Excellent! Do not hesitate to start again. Your degree of technique is still valid even though it may take some time before you revive your knowledge and skills.

We would be happy to answer any further questions. For this purpose please email us to: or give a call to Mr. Martin Zamecnik on (+420) 603 302 739.